A collection of links to online resources about Chaucer
for both students and teachers, vetted by scholars



Site Redesign: Welcome to the new home of the Chaucer MetaPage. If you need to access the old site for any reason, it is mirrored here: https://chaucermetapage.org/old.

This redesign was undertaken at the 51st International Congress on Medieval Studies in 2016, led by Vaughn Stewart and Susan Yager.

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What is the Chaucer MetaPage?

This project was initiated at the 33rd International Congress of Medieval Studies by a group of medievalists interested in promoting Chaucer studies on the internet. Its aims are:

  • to organize and provide navigation aides for Chaucer resources on the internet
  • to work towards enhancing and extending those resources
  • and to encourage Chaucer studies, including those undertaken via “distance learning,” at all levels of education.