Harvard Chaucer Page on Reading Middle English
A site prepared by Larry D. Benson with both lessons and general information about reading and pronouncing Middle English.

Edwin Duncan’s Basic Chaucer Glossary
A very handy list of common words with modern English equivalents, including the one hundred words Chaucer uses most frequently.

Melinda J. Menzer’s Site on the Great Vowel Shift
An “animated” demonstration and explanation of this crucial set of changes which separates Chaucer’s pronunciation from ours.

Larry Benson’s Database of Chaucer’s Language
The help and some other features on this site are not completed, but one can use this search engine to find where Chaucer (or Gower) uses words or spellings.

Middle English Compendium
An indispensable site. It includes the Middle English Dictionary, searchable on-line for words, authors, quotations, semantic categories, and more; an electronic bibliography which can be searched for editors, medieval authors and titles, dialects, and more; and a growing set of Middle English full texts, also searchable. One of the most important, if not the most important, set electronic resources for Middle English.