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Sitetender: Joseph Wittig
13 July 2015

What's New: Teaching Chaucer.

Thanks to all those who have reported broken links (most recently Mark Allen and Alan Baragona, who also supplied the corrected URLs). Thanks to any of you who do the same!

What is the Chaucer MetaPage?

This project was initiated at the 33rd International Congress of Medieval Studies by a group of medievalists interested in promoting Chaucer studies on the WWW. Its aims are:
  • to organize and provide navigation aides for Chaucer resources on the WWW
  • to work towards enhancing and extending those resources
  • and to encourage Chaucer studies, including those undertaken via "distance learning," at all levels of education.
Special thanks to Emily Gold, Elizabeth Keim, and Mary Alice Kirkpatrick who have helped maintain the MetaPage by writing descriptions of sites, checking links, and suggesting additions.

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